Services at our depot

Container Traffic, Maintenance Traffic, Passenger Traffic

You can access the container depot via the Port’s main gate. Before entering the port area, all vehicles must be licensed. You will get the gate access by calling or e-mailing our Customer service desk. Customer service desk is located at the depot in the Itä-Petäjäs area.

The depot runs operations in two different locations in the Port of Rauma.

Before entering the port area, we kindly ask you to check the driving instructions by calling +358 40 801 4373,

The speed limit in the port area is 30/40 km/h.

The depot is open on weekdays 7:00-23:30 and Saturdays 7:00-15:30.

Depot Service Rauma Ltd

Irtolastitie 4
26100 RAUMA

+358-40-8014 373